Sliding Door Systems

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Sliding Door Systems

Hotels, fuel stations, shopping malls, hospitals, business centers, supermarkets, etc. where the pedestrian exit are especially intense.

Automatic door types that provide fast opening in buildings. These doors which are also known as fast photocell doors, are dominated by the fact that the radar is turned on and adjusted within a short time when it detects body movement.

Automatic sliding shutter photocell doors, interior, outdoor environments; is divided by its control method preventing the flow of both air and dust and wind. This method of use provides heat saving in enterprises.

Radar sliding door operates silently and is applied against obstacles. Radar doors can be produced with one or two wings. Radial sliding door operates with all active and lifeless objects sensitive and active-inframmable system. Suitable for highly functional use.

Special profile system designs provide aesthetic and modern solutions in architectural applications. It is designed and assembled according to different architectural positions. It is equipped with shelves, radars to ensure the opening and closing area. Laminate, tempered, iced glass applications can be easily applied.


• Microprocessor control mechanism is used.

• High-speed DC motor.

• It has 220 VAC (+/- 10%) 50Hz operational tension.

• It has one beat system against obstacles.

• Braking intensity and speed can be adjusted. (optical encoder)

• Can be adjusted between 0-40 seconds.

• It is capable of opening this part.

• Two-way, single-sided connection, fully open, fully closed parameters can be controlled from the control button.

• Daylight using options can be specified.

• Mechanical lock is fully protected by electromechanical locking systems.

• The control card is compatible with all exit control systems.

• Available in 3 + 3, 4 + 4, 5 + 5 flat laminate glass options.

• 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm tempered glass options are available.

• All glasses can be transparent and colorful.

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