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Usually used in areas where pedestrian traffic is intense. It is widely used from supermarkets to airports, factories, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals. * Prismatic sliding door with pneumatic curtain * Automatic sliding door (air gate) * Sloped automatic door with Media panel * Automatic sliding door   Brand: Carrying capacity 80 + 80 kg Opening speed 250-500 mm / s Adjustable Open time 0.5-30 second, voltage 150-320V / AC, can be opened with 4-6 kg power. Silent, smooth, long-lasting DC motor. The fact that the radar is microwaved requires the preffered detection action. There is sensitivity arrangement in the radar.
Photocell door works as a result of combination of four main systems. 
1. Detection System (Radar): A system approaching the door. Currently the detection system works with microwaves or infrared frequencies. The device does not detect the object and sends the required low voltage electrical signal to the Control Panel according to programming.
 2. Control panel management system: is the brain of the door. The most common 5 functions (1. Normal mode: On / Off, 2. Night mode: Continuous shutdown, 3. Stop open mode, 4. Winter mode: Wings are opening in half way, 5. One wing opens only in entry mode:) manages the automatic door. In A100 models of the FAAC group, for example, E100 control panel is used and integrated and is number one in the market with remote control features. The control panel is located inside the main body profile on the top and inside of the door.
3. Stone profiles system: basic material is the aluminum profiles. The weight of the wings is proportional to the performance of the automatic doors. For example, the weight of a wing with a height of 2200 mm, for example 4mm + 4mm glass is 50-60 kg. Therefore, automation will carry 100-120 kg knife, taking into account the double wing.
 4. Motor and Performance Group System: Photocell is the most important element of the door. Decoder motors are widely used. The motor and the Performance Group are interconnected and relative to performance. Speed adjustment, weight adjustment, and many other features are determined by the operation of the motor and drive group.  
The Photocell Door system is also remarkable with safety equipment. For example, in the case of power failure, the turning off can be provided with a backup battery. In addition, because the locking unit of the mechanism is electromagnetic, it can only be applied manually at one lock


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