Revolving Door Systems

Product Description

It is a completely transparent revolving door. At the top of the body, a ceiling consisting of two tempered glasses is attached with convex constants with special inox manet (glass holder). Engine and electrical components are hidden in a special section at the bottom of the automatical door. If the floor does not exist, it may depend on the room ceiling in case of a room. 3 or 4 blades can be produced according to your choice. The wings are made of laminated glass and according to the general concept of the door, the glass is connected to the inox manne without any medium. However, as a brush is used to isolate the airflow, the brush handle profiles will rotate around their wings 25 mm wide. The wings have panic folding function and can be folded tolerably to provide wide openings. Glass-rotating cups can be used for bright, semi-automatic and fully automatic, with 3 different working principles, between 1600 and 3000 mm.

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