Aluminum Coating Systems

Product Description

The facade coating system made of aluminum has many types. In covered aluminum facade systems a wide range of aluminum cover is used on the outer surface. On demand, many different sizes can be prepared. Another coating type is facade coating system with aluminum panel. Aluminum panel modules are manufactured in different ways and used in conjunction with glass.

Aluminum is the main component in the aluminum facade coating. Aluminum and steel or glass can be combined to create different models of facade coating systems. It is created in different, vertical, horizontal directions and in different forms according to customer requirements. The appearance of the glass and aluminum coating can also look completely as glass.

Aluminum Composite Panels are aluminum-aluminum composite plates, with a white polyethylene core coated with aluminum plates on both sides. Aluminum Composite Panels offer unlimited possibilities for creative and original buildings for architects and designers. Aluminum Composite Panels are easily applied to external and internal walls. It is a globally preferred coating material that provides lightweight, durability, comfort, smooth surfaces and supports other structural elements. Characteristic features of Aluminum Composite Panel are: Painted Surface of Composite prepared with solid, metallic, and special effect colors system has been used in outer facade applications with UV-resistant polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) top coating. Saray Aluminum Composite Panel is manufactured in various thicknesses depending on the wind load and application. The most important feature of Aluminum Composite Panel is that it can be shaped with cold hand tools. Any cutting, grinding, drilling, bending operations can be applied with hand-held devices, panel saws and composite panel cutting devices.

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