Outboard Box Shutter Systems

Product Description

Changeable Shutters
The Exterior Shutter System is a system of blinds that can be installed later on the doors and windows in the exterior wall of the buildings. Outer shutters can be selected as oval and square. Outboard roller is important for the blind home. Marine Calculators can be easily applied to newly built buildings and finished buildings. Depending on your comfort, this system can be applied with a cord or motor.
Types of Outboard Blinds

Among the best solutions the blings systems installed outside are used for a variety of purposes, such as creating a more professional atmosphere in your home or office, avoiding the sunlight, avoiding the visibility of inside of the home or the office where the lights are on at nights, or improving security of your home or office. 
There is a choice of remote control, manual, motorized and group control systems. Blind systems, with aesthetic look without competitor, are available for sale, with features that suit your taste and needs.
Features of Exhale Blinds

• Exterior Blinds The blind system, which can then be installed on existing doors and windows. Roller blinds are two types of boxes, such as oval and square.
• Outside wear shutters are highly compatible with intelligent home automation systems, with options for remote control, button, manual and group control.
• Outside wear shutter box sizes are 1500 millimeters, 165 millimeters, 180 millimeters, 205 millimeters and 250 millimeters. You can choose the desired Wood and RAL color shutter options.
The seaside shutters system is available with manual, push, remote control and group control.

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