Monoblock Box Shutter Systems

Product Description

The Monoblock Shutter System beautifies the living space and provides high efficiency in isolation. The Monoblock Shutter System can be operated with a cordoned mechanism, a motorized mechanism, a cordoned reducer mechanism, or a rotating mechanism. It can also combine mosquito nets in the same box. Can be produced in different colors. Monoblock Panjur Systems, perfectly suited to any kind of project, offers solutions that fit your architectural and decorative expectations, with a non-slip design that does not break the frontal integrity of the building, with natural wood-embroidered laminated coating options, aesthetic appearance and functionality. The most important feature that differentiates the PVC monoblock blind systems from the other blind systems is that they are mounted on the window rather than on the wall. Therefore PVC monoblock louvers can not be applied to existing PVC windows. When PVC windows are mounted the blinds are installed on the window and mounted with the window. That is why they are called monoblocks. Common features of Monoblock Shutter Systems - Can be produced with wood sample. - Hand blinds, motorized electric blinds (electric blinds) and controlled blinds. - 52 mm and 39 mm. Feathers can be PVC or aluminum. - In-box styrofoam is used to increase insulation. - PVC window safety increased with use of PVC coating system. In particular, it is not possible to open the motorized roller blinds wrom the outside. - Shutters increase the heat insulation of the existing PVC window system by 30%. While 19 cm blind box covers maximum height of 220 cm, the 21 cm box covers 240 cm, 23 cm boxes covers up to 260 cm open areas. A roller blind can be applied to the 23 cm cylinder shutter box.

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