Steel Lamel Panel Garage Doors

Product Description

Comfortable, reliable and space-saving doors to your garage entrance. Durable and lightweight solutions with polyurethane-filled aluminum or steel profiles. The winding box can be installed outside or inside. A hidden winding box can be given detailed information at any time.

Outside garages; It is intended for use in automobile parking of the shopping center, in public garage entries. The space saving design in the opening and closing area is suitable for large openings. Storage boxes of roller garage doors can be installed either inside or outside. It can be applied up to 8 meters wide and up to 30 m2 area. Special mechanisms can be applied at a width of 10 meters.
Garage doors that can be made of aluminum profiles can be opened and closed with smaller motorized containers thanks to their lightweight stability while ensuring the safety of the steel.

Aluminum is very resistant to corrosion. It can be operated for very long time without storage in comparison with steel and wooden materials. Metal-metal friction areas are minimized in the door mechanics and the wear zones are very few

Mounting in front of the opening, the RollMatic rolling door is available as an external rolling door to mount the front of the garage for Lintel and / or side garages. The exterior coil door is available as a full set with a fully suitable engine. The enclosure winding shaft cover protects the engine from weather conditions and unauthorized interference. The cincture shaft plate and the door frame are available in the same color for the same appearance. Side rolling spring cover on an external rolling cap is made of aluminum and has a window to control the spring system.

Technical Details

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