Sectional Panel Garage Doors

Product Description

These are doors that are locked with axis, sliding open to the ceiling, thanks to the rails on the door, which are produced in accordance with various architectural designs, controlled manually or by motor. Automatic garage doors are preferred in indoor parking entrances of buildings and complexes at closed garage entrances of independent houses.
Sectional garage doors, which provides security and esthetics simultaneously, are secure and long lasting, with built-in polyurethane padded door panels. It has a flexible application area with the bedding systems developed in line with various architectural designs. Thanks to automation systems that can be applied to these doors, the car owner can enter to the garage without being affected by rain, sludge, cold, hot. Thanks to its panel and motor options, it has a wie range of applications. It is preferred for heat, sound and dust insulation in the spaces they are applied.


Technical Details

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