Isolated Panel Coating

Product Description

Sandwich Facade Panels provide heat, water, and sound insulation, and fire safety, in structures which meet the needs of the industrial sector, make life easier and more comfortable, due to the insulation structure. Its being economical, aesthetic and high quality, also its structure applied reliably protecting from external weather conditions. Sandwich facade panel recently in our country is being used as exterior facade coating means, as well as indoor partitions or coating means in cold cameras in many constructions in social and industrial structures, factories and warehouses, shopping centres and so on. The Panel maintains a consistent level of quality management, with its raw material quality, authorized dealer network and effective mounting service in line with the TSE EN and ISO norms, from high-quality production and raw material entry in the production of facade panel. It has become one of the leading organizations in the sector with this understanding.

Sandwich Facade Panels; with hidden screw and outside screw forms are designed to meet all kinds of needs.

Technical Details

Collection Door windows and driving systems

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