Silicone Facade Systems

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Silicone facade
The silicone facade system is preferable when a wholly glass appearance is desired. In this system, there are thin (16mm) air spaces between glass cassettes and aluminum is not seen from the outside. Aluminum has formed a substructure with vertical and horizontal carrier profiles. We provide an alternative to many facade systems in building substructure. Before setting the glass the cassette profiles are shaped as cases according to the system details, and then the glass packages are tested in the plant environment and pasted with a distance tape (Norton band) and bonding silicone. This processing is called Bonding and the cassette is completed. The cassettes are fixed on the carrier construction with adjusters in the construction environment. The hidden wings opening to outside are absolutely unnoticeable from the outside. There is no need to apply silicone because EPDM wicks are used for insulation. Different alternative cassette and EPDM wicks are available on the front systems in terms of insulation.


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