Automatic Moving Solar Shading

Product Description

Solar Shading Systems.

In a robust building concept, intensity and distribution of sunlight and sufficiency of natural light are of utmost importance. It is necessary to be protected from direct sunlight because the need for natural light is inevitable.

This need can easily be overcome through the use of Solar Shading systems in architectural projects. The need for heat comfort can be met with innovative solutions without the aesthetic appearance of FYT Engineering Safety.

Solar Shading Systems - moving transport.

Automated Flyingshadow Solar Shading Systems offer new opportunities for managing sunlight. The movement of solar panels can be managed individually or in module groups. With the solar and wind sensor used in systems, the physical condition of the open space is instantly assessed and can be adapted to the pre-planned schedule using the timer. Centralized or remote controlled Flyingshadow products have been tested by opening and closing 25,000 times and the products provided with 2 + 3 year system warranty.

Technical Details

Collection Shatter Solar Systems

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