Stationary Solar Shading Systems

Product Description

Flyingshadow Solar Shading Systems, glass, aluminum profiles, perforated aluminum sheets and expanded aluminum sheets are offered. The appearance of solar shading systems with moving function also provides an appearance that suits the applied structure. Projects completed with Flyingshadow show the product's elegance. Flyingshadow products are also useful in improving the working environment. With Flying Shadow Solar Shading Systems, it is possible to prevent or minimize the sun's rays without affecting the environment. With the help of solar panels, which have taken place in various projects, a comfortable environment has been created and undesirable effects have been eliminated. Flying products that are not restricted to facades can be used as an effective solution to prevent greenhouse effect on transparent roofs.

Flyingshadow Solar Shading System Features:

• 25,000 opening and closing tests,

• 2 + 3 year system warranty,

• Time control option

• Solar and wind sensor,

• Ability to manage modules individually and / or in groups

• Remote control,

• Dynamic appearance,

• Horizontal operation,

• Vertical operation.

Technical Details

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