Preparation and installation of wooden structures in place

When projects are accepted, a list of the necessary materials relevant to its design is prepared, and if we have Wooden - Timber constructive elements in design, we will do it professionally. Drawing is developed in accordance with the design and the wooden - timber laminate is divided according to the drawing dimension. Wooden - timber material is mainly used in facades and interiors. But in exteriors we use wooden-laminate, wooden timber composites.

Once we face the building with, and mount these materials on the building, we pass to the next stage by isolating the walls and columns of our building. We use profiles to support the rear part of our wooden panels before placing them on the building. When all the work is performed, lacquer and the necessary chemicals are used on the Wooden-Timber material (if applicable).

In some cases, after some time, we review at sections where timber is used and use the necessary chemicals on the spot.

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