Decorative finishing works:

We use a variety of materials and systems in our Facade-Front system.First of all, our architects are acquainted with the design of the project and then select the appropriate materials from the catalogue in accordance with the design and submit them to the customer and after the agreement is reached they manufacturing drawings are prepared and the materials are processed and assembled on the basis of these drawings.

1. Facade and decorative works - After preparation of the facade drawings, any material selected will be trimmed in the drawing on the building.

The main list of these materials is:

1. Composite Aluminium Panel

2. Panelboards

3. Facade stone coatings (Sinterflex, Porcelain gres, Marble, Aglay, etc.)

4. Facade Laminate

5. Glass vials on aluminium profile.

6. Door and window systems

7. Fibre concrete panels


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