Preparation and installation of steel structures in place

Steel structures are widely used in almost each construction work. It may be the foundation and columns, ceilings and staircases, various partitions of the building and so on. FF Construction carries out all projects in accordance with engineering calculations and all standards. When the building loses its strength - building and other facilities needs reconstruction because of the decreased operational indicators of buildings due to objective reasons. At this time, the columns and supporting walls of the building are reinforced with special steel structures. Metal supports and profiles are used. Depending on the working conditions of the construction, on the type of rebars used, the requirements of the relevant categories are displayed for the crack resistance of reinforcing cement constructions: and works get started in the field in accordance with these requirements.

a) Category 1 - formation of cracks is prevented;

b) Category 2 – short-term and long-term limited opening of the crack width is permitted.

The categories of the requirements for the crack resistance of reinforced cement structures belong to normal and slanted cracks in the longitudinal axis of the element. Constructive measures should be taken in order to prevent opening of longitudinal cracks (installation of appropriate meshes), but in addition, in pre-stressed elements, the value of pressure tension in the concrete should be limited in the pre-compression stage.

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