Construction of monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete structures, installation of precast concrete and reinforced concrete structures

Assessment of technical condition - We determine the degree of damage to building structures or buildings and facilities, and whether they are fit for use on the basis of comparison of quantifiable indicators with the indicators specified by the project and the normative document. The normative degree of technical condition – if the quantitative and qualitative indicators of all the criteria for assessing the technical condition of the building structures or buildings and facilities meets the requirements of the standard documents (SNiP, GOST, TU, CH, etc.) work begins. Modernization of the building - we carry out a special reconstruction, which envisages the renovation of the volumetric planning and architectural solutions related to the change of old buildings and morally depreciated equipment, in line with the new requirements for existing conditions of exploitation. The moral depreciation of the building is the gradual (over time) decline of the main operational characteristics of buildings and facilities from the level of modern technical requirements. Physical depreciation of the building means the necessity of reconstruction of the building and other facilities due to condition where the technical indicators and as result of these operational indicators of buildings do not meet the requirements, due to objective reasons. Buildings are previewed by our architects and on the basis of which measurements in place are taken and the Project's preliminary drawings get started.

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