Construction and installation of special facilities:

Prior to the start of the construction, firstly the project is reviewed and the final decision is made with the customer.Once architecture solution of the project has been developed, its construction solution is prepared. Then design is prepared. Structure is determined according to the type of the construction. The design of the project is drawn up and the material list is prepared accordingly and ordered by the Project Architect.

1. Steel structures of buildings and facilities

Unlimited solutions in architecture make it possible to use the project in a much more aesthetic and perspective manner, without problems. The place provides a quick and trouble-free transition in changes involved and enlargement or reduction operations. If desired, all the steel carrier system is completely disassembled without losses and transported economically to any point of the world. Temporary storage is also provided for separation. All elements that form the structure can be manufactured with bolts and nuts. This demounting feature allows to prevent the loss of funds with minimum losses in disassembly, transportation, replacement, enlargement or reduction operations of the steel structure. As introduction and follow-up of the steel construction structure is continuously made, prevention of the high marking errors are provided, and the reliability and durability is maintained at the highest level with the tests in the computer environment.

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