Installation of light-weighted protective structures

Denotes to design of protection of construction structures (concrete, reinforced concrete, steel, aluminium, wood, stone and chrysotillement) of the buildings and facilities from the effects of aggressive environments with a temperature of -50°C to +50°C. Protection of construction structures should be carried out by applying corrosion-resistant materials and by implementing constructive requirements (primary protection), by applying metal, oxide, lacquered, metal-lacquer and mastic covering, lubricants, sheets, coatings and other materials on the surface of the structures (secondary protection), as well as by applying electrochemical methods.

1. Steel structures

The columns and supporting walls of the building are reinforced with special steel structures. Metal supports and profiles are used.In comparison with alternative products, steel, lightweight construction materials, with high strength and durability, with more elastic structure and feathering properties, which are the most appropriate for each floor class and earthquake zone, are used. Production and installation term for steel construction elements is shorter than that of the other alternative structures. The steel construction structure provides a great advantage of economic profit and time compared to alternative structures in the initial work of basic buildings and reinforcement areas.

2. Protective structures made of extrusion panels and boards

Panel - sandwich panels provide heat, water, sound insulation and fire safety in buildings that meet the needs of the industrial sector and make life easier and comfortable. Being economically efficient, aesthetic and with high-quality, provides construction in a safe manner protected from the outside atmosphere. Recently, in our country it is used as indoor partitions or cold cameras in social and industrial structures, factories and warehouses, shopping centres and so on. as well as a cover material in many buildings.

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